The recipes on this site were originally posted on the 50 Plus Friends Cookbook at We have made several improvements recently including support for mobiles and tablets, search function so hope you find something of interest.

As this site is no longer available we are attempting to reconstruct as much of the original recipes that were posted there, this is however ‘work in progress’ so please bear with me, the site went offline in 2012.

The links in blue have content, those in black have yet to be started, the same is true on the subpages, this is being constantly updated so if the recipe you want is not yet online come back later or email me via the contact form and I’ll expedite the recovery of the relevant section.

Cookbook Chapters




Cakes and Frostings
Coffee Cakes

Cookies & Desserts
Ice Cream

Cooking For a Crowd

Crockery Pot Cooking

Eggs and Cheese Including Breakfast Foods


Meat and Game


Butter, Jam, Jelly & Spreads
Canning – Fruits &Vegetables
Fun Stuff
Gifts in a Jar or Bag
Home & Bath
Soup Mixes in a Jar or Bag
Things for the Kids
Wild Birds & Pets

Pasta and Rice Pepper
Pies and Pastries

Salads and Dressings


Soups and Sandwiches

Vegetables & Side Dishes
Pickles & Relish

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8 Responses to Cooking Recipes

  1. Sandy England says:

    I don’t fine chicken recipes? I’m blind so I might of missed it. Hope as I go through this my machine will read currectly.

    • buyfood says:

      Hello Sandy

      We are slowly in the process of adding recipes to this site – the ones at bottom of page are yet to be added – sorry. I do hope you find something of interest in the ones already up and running. If you check back regularly you see additional one as they get added.


      Admin BuyFood

    • E McCarthy says:

      Look under “crockery pot cooking” tons of poultry recipes! Love this thank-you!

  2. Want to do Dry Pinto beans in the crock pot.
    Can’t find a recipe. Thanks

  3. Cindi Palme says:

    Want more and more crock pot cooking – thanks!

  4. myka says:

    this is the best website for recipes! I love, love, love the crock pot recipes, will share with co-workers. they are fanatics for all things crock pot. :)

  5. Sally says:

    I love your recipes. Thanks for sharing. If you print more I would appreciate receiving them.

    Thank you.
    Sally – Boise, Idaho

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