Dot’s Pinwheels

My friend, Dot Wells, made these for our last meeting of the Class Reunion group and they were a big hit.

1 (1 oz) packet Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing Mix
2 (8 oz) boxes Cream cheese, softened
3 Green onions, minced
4 12 inch Flour tortillas
1 (4 oz) jar Pimento
1 (4 oz) can Diced green chilies

1 (2.25 oz) can Sliced black olives

Mix first 3 ingredients. Spread on tortillas.
Drain vegetables and blot dry on paper towels. Sprinkle equal amounts of vegetables on top of cream cheese mixture.
Roll tortillas tightly. Chill at least 2 hours.
Cut rolls into 1″ pieces. Discard ends. Serve with spirals facing up.

Yield: 3 dozen pinwheels

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