Apple Date Cheddar Muffins
Apple Streusel
Apple Streusel Muffins #2
Apricot Oat and Bran Muffins
Apricot Orange Yogurt Muffins
Black Bottom Muffins
Blueberry Muffins
Burst ‘O Lemon Muffins
Butter-Honey Blueberry Muffins
Butternut Squash Muffin
Charles English Muffins
Chessy Muffins
Cinnamon Pecan Muffins
Citrus Mini Cakes
Cornmeal Muffins with Leeks and Peppers
Corn Muffins with Bacon and Chevre Noir
Cranberry Flax Muffins
Cranberry Pistachio Muffins
Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins
Cranberry Walnut Muffins
Double Chocolate Chip Muffins
Double Macadamia Streusel Banana Muffins
Doughnut Muffins
Cranberry Walnut Muffins
Fat-Free Zucchini Muffins
Gingerbread Muffins
Herb Muffins
Honey Blueberry Muffins
Lemonade Muffins
Lemon Ginger Muffins
Lime Berry Muffins
Mandarin Orange Muffins

Maple Walnut Muffins
Meek’s Oatmeal Muffins
Mexicali Corn Muffins
Mincemeat Muffins
Mississippi Spice Muffins
Mom’s English Muffin Pizza
Morning Glory Muffins
Norsk Apple Muffins
Oat Flour Muffins
Oatmeal Muffins
Oatmeal Peach Muffins
Orange Coconut Muffins
Orange Muffins
Peach and Cranaberry Muffins-Low Fat
Peachy Orange Muffins
Peanut Butter Banana Muffins
Peppered Cheddar Muffins
Plump Carrot Muffins
Poppy Seed Mini Muffins
Pumpkin Apple Struesel Muffins
Raspberry Muffins
Rhubarb Muffins
Rhubarb – Pecan Muffins
Rich Delicious Orange Tea Muffins
Ricotta Peach Muffins
Sour Cream Orange Muffins
Spicy Oatmeal Muffins
Strawberry Muffins
Sunday Morning Corn Muffins
Sweetpotato Muffins

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