Bush Brownie Cake
Babka Marmurkowa
French Chocolate Pound Cake
English Toffee Cake
Fudgy Egyptian Frosting
German Apple Cake (Diabetic)
German Chocolate Cake
German Runny Butter Cake
Hawaiian Dream Cake
Italian Cream Cake
Italian Cream Cake #2
Italian Cream Cake #3
Italian Cream Frosting
Italian Cream Cheese Icing
Irish Black Ginger Cake
Irish Chocolate Potato Cake
Irish Pound Cake

Irish Potato Cake
Irish Spice Cake
Italian Love Cake
Leichter Käsekuchen (Easy Cheesecake)
Lemon Greek Cake
Mexican Cake
Mexican Wedding Cakes
Moravian Sugar Cake
Murrumbidgee Cake
Norwegian Lemon Cake Squares
Porter Cake
Rio Grande Mud
Topfenkuchen Cheesecake – German
Torte Divina (Chocolate Mousse Cake with Liqueur)
Swedish Nut Cake
Tres Leche Cake (Three Milks Cake)

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