Crockery Pot Cooking Index

These recipes were only originally published on 50 plus friends cookbook, and links to that site were widely published and circulated by email across the net.

Index to the main cookbook can be found here – Cookbook Index

Crockery Pot – Beef

Crockery Pot – Pork

Crockery Pot – Poultry

Crockery Pot – Fish & Seafood

Crockery Pot – Soup, Stew & Chili

Crockery Pot – Barbeque

Crockery Pot – Side Dishes

Crockery Pot – Dessert

Crockery Pot – Miscellaneous

Cookbook Index


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6 Responses to Crockery Pot Cooking

  1. Kim Baker says:

    Please sign me up for your emails. Thanks.

    • buyfood says:

      Thanks, the previous site failed commercially and to put the content up on a sustainable basis we have had to compromise and place advertisements on the site. The site is now using a modern content managment system which allows us the flexibility to include basic things like a site search function, twitter feeds etc. We won’t be sending out emails until the content is finished which based on current projections will not be until March/April 2013.


    Please include me in your emails. Loved all of these crock pot recipes and was so handy. Thank You.

    • buyfood says:

      You are welcome.

      Currently this site does not send out emails – you can follow the latest updates by subscribing to the rss feed we also on Twitter where I will routinely posting any significant updates


      Admin BuyFood

  3. margaret smith says:

    I just want to know how I’m supposed to try the recipes when they don’t show up. I click on the recipes and nothings happens. I really want to try them but can’t. please help me. thanks

    • buyfood says:


      Sorry to hear you are having problems, if you let me which recipe(s) you were unable to open I will see if it is a problem at this end. We have made a number changes to configuration of web site hosting in the last 7 days to try and speed things so I could a gremlin has got into the system – thanks for being patient.


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