Benedictine Spread

This recipe was originated in the 1920’s by a Louisville, KY caterer named Jennie Benedict. The spread became a regular fixture at cocktail hours and weddings, and still is. Before blenders and food processors, the ingredients were grated and the cheese beaten by hand. It is said that Miss Jennie’s mayonnaise was made of three ingredients; lemon juice, olive oil, and egg yolk. The spread traditionally is tinted with a droplet of green food coloring, but that addition is up to the cook.

12 oz Cream cheese, at room temperature
1 med Cucumber, grated, pulp only, drained
1 med Onion, grated, drained, and juice reserved
1 tsp Salt

pinch of Cayenne

Mayonnaise, to thin
drop of Green food coloring

1. Blend all ingredients until a spreadable consistency. If making by hand, mash and beat the cheese with a fork, working in the cucumber and onion. Add onion juice to taste.
2. Beat in remaining ingredients, adding only enough mayonnaise to thin. Place in crocks.
3. Serve chilled on crackers or as a sandwich filling.

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