Smoked-Trout Spread

Note: This rich spread goes best with plain crackers such as unsalted saltines or Carr’s Table Water Crackers.

1 lb Smoked trout fillets, skinned
1/2 C Celery, sliced
1/3 C Green onions, sliced
1/3 C Ricotta cheese – part skim
1/4 C Tub-style light cream cheese (2 oz)
1 tbsp Butter or margarine
1 tbsp Fresh lemon juice

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp Hot sauce
88 Water crackers

1. Break trout fillets into large pieces. Place trout pieces and next 8 ingredients (through hot sauce) in a food processor, and process until smooth, scraping the sides of processor bowl occasionally.
2. Serve spread with crackers.

3. Yield: 2 3/4 cups spread

Per serving: (2 tablespoon spread and 4 crackers) 95 calories, 25% CFF, 2.6 g fat, 7.2 g protein, 11.1 g carbohydrate, 0.5 g fiber, 9 mg. cholesterol, 321 mg sodium

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