Red Eye Gravy

Comments: My mother has made red-eye gravy as long as I can remember, but she never used coffee in the drippings. She added water to the drippings in a very hot cast iron skillet.

1/3 cup strong black coffee
Pork drippings

After cooking the breakfast meat (bacon, ham or sausage), remove it from the iron skillet and put aside.

To the drippings, pour 1/3 cup of strong coffee and stir while on the fire.
Pour over hot grits or sop up with hot biscuits.
Serves: 6

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One Response to Red Eye Gravy

  1. Thank you so much for the Red Eye Gravy recipe…the two wonderful ladies in my life who used to make this has gone on to be with the Lord…so no one knew how to make it…Now my family will be grateful and surprised when I serve it to them…

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