Pastillos (Spanish Beef Patty)

1½ lb Ground meat
Goya turnovers (discos)
Adodo (Season to taste)
1 pkt Sazon with or without achiote
2 tbsp Sofrito or Recao
Black pepper (optional)

Cooking oil
Garlic (mucho garlic)

1. Brown the ground meat. While meat is browning, season to taste. Add garlic. When meat is browned drain.
2. On one side of turnover fill with meat. Do not put too much or it will break (2 tablespoons), then fold turnover covering meat. Use a fork to seal the ends by pressing down. Continue doing the same with the rest of the turnovers. You should have 10. Make sure you place turnovers on a dry surface or they will break.
3. Pre-heat a frying pan with oil filled half way. When oil is hot place as many turnovers as you can (2). Cook on low to medium heat (they cook fast). Cook one side 2 to 3 minutes (when is starts turning golden brown). Same with other side. When done soak on paper towels and there you go a SPANISH PARTY!!! You can also add cheese. Just add before you seal.

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