Creamy Salmon Soup

3/4 C  Margarine
1 C  Chopped onion
1tbsp  Worcestershire sauce
1/8 tsp  Garlic salt
1/4 tsp  Pepper
1 8-oz can Mushrooms – drained (optional)
3-4  drops Tabasco
2  71/2 oz cans Salmon

1  can Evaporated milk
2  heaping tbsp Cornstarch
3/4  gal Whole milk at room temperature

In standard size crocpot melt 1/2 C margarine on high. Add onion and let set in margaine a few minutes.
Put temperature down to low and add Worcestershire, garlic salt, pepper, mushrooms, tabasco, salmon with juice and evaporated milk. Stir well.
With 1 cup remaining milk blend cornstarch well, getting all the lumps out. Pour in soup and blend very well. Cook 2-8 hours.
Add remaining 1/4 C margarine, salt and pepper to taste.

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