Poor Man’s Shrimp

A plate of these tasty morsels will disappear in a hurry!

Freshly caught medium to small bluegills
Your favorite cocktail sauce

1.Fillet three to four bluegills per serving. You want a fairly straight strip of flesh, do not fillet past the centerline of the fish
2. Wash all fish strips thoroughly, then place the strips into a bowl or pan of heavily salted water to soak, refrigerated, for at least 1/2 hour

3. Rinse fish strips in fresh water and place on the steaming rack of a large pan. Do not crowd the fish
4. Steam until just barely done .. you do not want the fish to fall apart. While steaming, the fish strips will curl to a shape resembling that of a shrimp
5. Lift fish strips carefully to a serving plate, cover loosely with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve
6. Serve with a prepared cocktail sauce for dipping, or you may make your own dipping sauce by mixing 2/3 ketchup to 1/3 horseradish

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